Walrus Release v0.5.1

Release Notes


  • Added support for Walrus CLI on Windows platform. Issue #2069
  • Implemented the ability to configure server options for local Walrus instances. Issue #2062
  • Added support for exporting a single resource. Issue #2065

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where re-applying the same Walrus file could trigger resource patching erroneously. Issue #2055
  • Resolved issue where fields were incorrectly marked as required when preset values were present in the matching rule. Issue #2060
  • Fixed unexpected confirmation pop-ups triggered after viewing a resource definition and navigating to other pages. Issue #2067
  • Addressed issue where Walrus CLI logged out when the current project was deleted. Issue #2063
  • Fixed inability to restore hidden array types of variables. Issue #2066
  • Resolved issue where leading and trailing spaces in input boxes made parameters ineffective. Issue #2077
  • Fixed issue where computed attributes were not being shown. Issue #2088
  • Addressed issue where variables with SSH keys could not be used. Issue #2117

For a complete list of changes, refer to the full changelog.