Walrus Release v0.5.0

Walrus Release v0.5.0

v0.5.0 Highlights

Simplified Resource Management

Services and resources in the previous version are unified in a single comprehensive resource view. Users can now designate an environment as the default. Upon entering the application management page, users will directly navigate to the resource list of the default environment. This consolidated view empowers users to efficiently perform various tasks, such as managing resources, overseeing underlying components, viewing logs, debugging via the terminal, and obtaining service access URLs.

Batteries-Included Environment

Walrus now automatically creates an environment connected to the management Kubernetes cluster by default. It helps to make deployment to kubernetes work out of the box so that users can easily get started. Users can opt out of the default behavior by modifying Walrus configuration on bootstrap.(Support adding local cluster to make k8s deployment work out of the box · Issue #1203 · seal-io/walrus · GitHub)

Walrus File

Introducing support for deploying Walrus resources using a YAML format file. Walrus file is similar to docker compose file, but can apply to multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure. Explore a curated collection of Walrus file examples at Walrus File Hub.

Local Deployment on Docker

Developers can now deploy Walrus files on Docker locally on their PCs. This allows for consistent application specification, matching the one applied to a production Kubernetes environment. No need to run Kubernetes locally—just utilize Docker. (Local deployment · Issue #1710 · seal-io/walrus · GitHub)

Gitee Catalog

Introducing support for the Gitee provider for catalogs, accompanied by a built-in template mirror in Gitee.(Support catalog from Gitee and provide built-in catalog mirror in Gitee · Issue #1736 · seal-io/walrus · GitHub)

OpenTofu Deployer

As OpenTofu announces GA, users can now deploy using the stable version of OpenTofu within Walrus.(Update opentofu deployer to stable · Issue #1879 · seal-io/walrus · GitHub)

Other Enhancements



Introduced support for refreshing the template schema of a force-pushed tag.(be able to refresh template schema of a force-pushed tag · Issue #1597 · seal-io/walrus · GitHub)

Resource Definitions

Terraform Provider Cache

Implemented cache for Terraform providers to accelerate deployment.(Cache terraform providers · Issue #736 · seal-io/walrus · GitHub)

Walrus CLI

Bug fixes

For detailed information, refer to: Walrus v0.5.0 Bug Fixes.